A great day’s training, and a special gift arrived!

Hi guys, it’s been a really good twenty-four hours.


Last night I set myself a strict schedule and completed twenty-one minutes of plank exercise for RG Active’s January Plank Challenge, and ended up feeling I could do more.


Then mid-morning today, a delivery arrived from the Jenson Button Trust! Really lovely that I’m getting that support and recognition – it is such a boost to my motivation and inspiration, thank you!

Three top (and I mean top – you can only get them in one small shop in the UK called Harrods) -quality training t-shirts made from an amazing material that’s light, soft, a bit stretchy and is designed to manage your heat and sweat when you exercise, a 2012 Jenson McLaren cap and a really nice Jenson Button Triathlon bag!

This is the set you get (well, you get one t-shirt and the bag) when you join the triathlon and this was the set they gave out last year.



I gave them a call to say thanks and was told that it’s next Thursday – mark the date – that full details of this year’s triathlon will be released, along with the name of the charity that your kind sponsorship will support!

Tonight I went out for a run as a part of the RG Active half-marathon programme. It was raining lightly and while I had to give myself a bit of a push to get out of the house, I planned the route I wanted to run and it sent really well.

This is the second time in two weeks that I’ve completed a run feeling I could just carry on (and I did for a bit). A good choice of music and different clothes helped too.

New bike should arrive next week, so I’m looking forward to that but a bit nervous (the racer who’s scared of speed? We will see!), and I should also start my swim sessions next week. That will be the hardest work because I’ve been out of the water for a very very long time and was never a good swimmer.

However, these days my philosophy is that if you really want to do something, you will just make it happen, so that’s what I’m doing.

I want to thank my friend Jano again, the thought of him inspired me at the difficult start of tonight’s run.


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