A bit of kit and a bit of pain

Today was, all in all, a good day.

Early morning, I headed to the post office to find out what the mystery packages were that I’d been asked to pick up,


One was a package from Japan containing Pocari Sweat sports drink powder and a ¥20,000 donation towards equipment costs from Atelier Wish photography & design. Pocari Sweat is a great drink that replaces salt, minerals and some of the calories lost during exercise.


Next, was my RG Active winter jacket!

RG Active winter jacket

Now I’d been looking forward to this arriving, but I had no idea that it would be so comfortable and well-fitting! It’s very rare that a performance item exceeds my expectations but this does in so many ways..the fit, the warmth, the intelligent features in the design. This is something that I’ve found myself trying to think of opportunities to wear! Free energy sweets too…good going, guys! Thanks.


The third box contained my clear Aquasphere Eagle goggles with separate prescription lenses. I haven’t opened them, fitted the lenses or tried them yet, but that will happen next week when the swim cap I ordered today arrives. As long as they fit my face shape, I don’t expect to be disappointed because I got them upon recommendation in a few different Triathlon forums. I’m a bit worried about using them in open water because it seems that many people like tinted lenses for that, but we’ll see how it goes.


Over the past couple of days my calves have been pretty much rock-solid after runs and I’d been meaning to ask Jano what to do about it, but before I got the chance, the train I was on this morning got cancelled mid-journey and like a hero I decided to run the 3.5km to my client’s place in the rain, past all the commuters looking for taxis or excuses to go home. I thought, “should I stretch? No, I’ll look too stupid stretching in my everyday clothes” and so off I ran. Ten minutes later, the pain hit. My left calf decided to knot up and go on strike. I found it easier to run than to walk because my weight was off that foot for longer but I couldn’t keep it up.


What made it worse was that after the 3.5km run in my work clothes I then had to sit at a desk for over three hours so by the time I got the chance to stand up, my leg was as solid as the table leg and I’ve been walking like Robocop since then.


Went for a massage at lunchtime which partly relaxed it and partly showed me that it could hurt a lot more than it had been and then did my best at a less brutal massage of the painful calf in a hot bath in the evening.


However, it felt like an initiation and passing an important boundary. I remember the pain I used to get when running in my high school years and I also remembered the good performance that that pain paid for.


It made me think again about trying to get ‘better’ shoes although my current ones are comfortable, maybe they’re not ‘right’ for how I move or my star sign or whatever.

On the way home, I got a really well-timed and welcome bit of news that another member of the Ichiban Triathlon Team, my inspiration for all this madness and just a great group of friends, has taken an interest in what I’m up to.


Let’s do this!



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