An eventful week with new boundaries

Well, the swim training is developing, the main highlight being my introduction to a pull buoy. At thigh level it was fine, but between the knees my head was so low in the water I couldn’t get my head out of the water to breathe! Two things it has taught me – my fitness is better than I thought (or it has improved), and using my local swim sessions to focus on the details of what I’m taught does help. Repetition is key.

I couldn’t run for over two weeks and looked at a whole range of expensive running shoes. Looking online, so many people talked about the wonders of using compression socks or calf guards so I bought cheap compression bandage and did 10 kilometres straight away! It’s further than I ever ran so a major milestone for me. Before I would get hard calves after even maybe five minutes, but on this run there was just a twinge at 6k and the hardness and pain came at 8k. Following motivational comments I have seen online, I had decided that even if I went slowly, the imperative thing was that I would _not_ stop. I felt on top of the world, and the Pocari Sweat I finished at the end felt like champagne on the F1 winner’s podium! During the run I was very careful and disciplined about when and how much drink and Shot Bloks I would have, and it worked 🙂

Sometimes I’ve had less than perfect support on the domestic side with this mission, and an element of anger and frustration got me going on the run too.

On a rare dry sunny day yesterday I took the race bike out. Really need more time riding it to get used to it, and to get confident in a low position and also going downhill at speed, both of which carry fear boundaries for me at the moment. I also need to get used to the dynamics of the bike, and the fact that these SPD-SLs are a bit harder to clip in and out of than my SPDs. I rode around the Cancer Research UK charity shops in my area delivering leaflets about what I’m doing.

Today I was feeling pretty disappointed and frustrated mainly because a particular person who had promised sponsorship didn’t follow their word.

I mentioned this to some of the people in the training community, and then the good hearts of the triathlon world showed up and restored my faith and inspiration again. In almost no time, two people who hardly know me and had no real reason to help me, extremely kindly donated on the JustGiving page and offered me the most wonderful words of encouragement and inspiration! Thank you. I won’t let your confidence and support be in vain. Let’s smash that target!


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