By the way, you’re a Human…

Wow, it’s been a week for taking stock of where I am, studying, planning and checking my priorities and resources.


Last Saturday evening I started coughing with a bad throat, then on breaks during Sunday morning’s 85km ride it continued. Once I got home, the bug hit hard on Sunday evening and I’ve been unable to do any training sessions since then. Hopefully, a week later, I’ll be feeling more or less normal by Tuesday.


I’ve used the time studying Tri videos and training techniques, writing to and visiting sponsors (while trying not to look ill!), and developing a supplemental home-training schedule to help me increase core strength along with other things to help with the swim and transition, which are where I need to focus.


I lost two whole days sweating off the fever in bed, but I’ve made the most of this unplanned hiatus, and only when I’m ready so I don’t relapse, I’m so keen to get back to training with full enthusiasm.


Thanks for your support guys, I’ll get there and we’ll all be proud!


A hug to you all.


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