Looks like the decision made itself…

Today I unpacked the bike from my treasured Scicon Aerocomfort 2.0 TSA  and went for the first ride since the race, across Richmond Park.

It was amazing really, during both races on Saturday I felt fine, but today I was once again irritated by this new saddle digging in and rubbing the insides of my thighs. To caveat that, I wasn’t wearing the same clothes, but in any case, I’ve got to find a solution that makes training comfortable – but experience gives me the impression that it’s a good seat for races.

The ride was to the office and later on, back, so I was in baggy clothes, not lycra bike gear. Nevertheless, I easily passed a number of lycra-clad RP racers! I love how my race bike has developed, and wonder how my pace will change when I return to the lightweight training wheels from the 100-gram lighter carbon race wheels.

I’ve made my running training programme for the next two months. Stepped up the distance tonight and told myself that the aim is purely to finish and get used to the longer distances – due for another step up on Sunday – and when I went outside, I found it was raining, really warm and very very humid.

So, I wasn’t expecting much in terms of my own performance. However, I felt ok, some parts felt a struggle but on the way around I was enjoying the rain, and was surprised when my GPS kept telling me at checkpoints that I was faster than ever before!

I completed this longer distance at the fastest pace I’ve done in any training run while consciously telling myself not to push too hard!

Upon getting home, I checked the statistics and found proof of what I’d suspected for a few weeks, which is that on run sections that I find really hard and painful, they are where I’m actually running fastest.

Another interesting observation is that lots of those peaks in speed are on uphill sections, which reminds me of how I’m often surprised by how quickly I climb on bikes compared to other people.

I grew up in Africa, and  I used to go running through the city every night, in spite of the civil war. When it got really hot and humid and even the locals would sit it out under trees, I would get filled with energy and run more. Today also reminded me of when I trained Tae Kwon Do there in the city gym. That too was a sweatfest with no let-up, so maybe that’s just what my body likes.

So what decision made itself? Whether I’d keep on training after the race to which I dedicated this year so far. Whether I’d prepare for the next race.


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